Aeronautical Information Services of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AIS BiH)

Aeronautical Information Services (Aeronautical Information Services - AIS) provides aeronautical information, necessary for users of the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aeronautical informing is a process that includes the collection, initial processing, editing, formatting, storage and distribution of aeronautical publications on behalf of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The whole process is performed in coordination with originators of the aeronautical information. AIS BIH coordinates in the work of expert bodies of EUROCONTROL in the area of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS).

Aeronautical information / data is distributed in the form of Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP):

(AIP, AIP AMDT / SUP, AIC, NOTAM and PIB, a list of valid NOTAMs and checklists), then in other publications.

Work processes of AIS are regulated by the provisions of the Aviation Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Law on Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency and the accompanying regulations, standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL).

System that AIS BIH used in his work is EAD (European AIS Database) European database. It is a centralized database that provides aeronautical information to all users of the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina, respecting the demands for quality of data and which offers integrated AIS solution to the service providers.




Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA)

Aeronautical Information Service (AIS BiH)

Ortiješ bb, P.P.133

88 000 Mostar


Telephone: + 387 36 281 007; 446 254; 446 224

Telefax: + 387 36 446 261

E-mail aisbih@bhansa.gov.ba




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