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The web address of the AMC portal is

BHANSA, BHDCA and Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Traffic Management Committee are jointly organized introducing users of the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the web portal of the Airspace Management Unit of BiH (AMC portal).

On the date 29.4.2020, the aforementioned introduction to the AMC portal was conducted through a webinar. In addition to the representatives of the organizers and users of the airspace, the webinar was also attended by representatives of the Croatian Control and company “Omnisaspect” from Kutina, who jointly developed this software.

During the webinars, the functionalities of AMC portals were presented with special emphasis on user registration and reservation of the ad hoc zones of the airspace, and the webinar participants were also introduced to the VFR map of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which came into force on the date 22.02.2020.

The web address of the AMC portal is

The AMC portal is a specially designed web portal used by the Airspace Management Cell (AMC), Civil Aviation Authority - CIV AA, BHDCA, Military Aviation Authority- MIL AA and other airspace users.

AMC portal provides:

- Publication of the National Airspace Usage Plan (NAUP/NUUP)  on the status of the structure of the airspace, as the primary means of publication;

- Publication of NOTAM on the status of the structure of the airspace, as the alternative means of publication;

-  Application for the establishment, reservation, activation and deactivation of airspace structures;

-  Display of the status of airspace structures.

The tool has been designed and built to have a working life of at least 10 years and can be progressively upgraded in terms of technology development, functionality, performance and technological up-to-date.

Improvement of services of the Airspace Management Cell (AMC) through the implementation of the AMC portal implies automation of part of the work process of the Airspace Management Cell (AMC), considering that the AMC Portal is an airspace management tool that brings together, in one place, all airspace users and, on the other, all bodies and services involved in the process of approving and monitoring the use of airspace structures.

The AMC Portal was created, among other things, with the intention of better and more effectively informing all airspace users about real-time restrictions and restrictions on airspace. Therefore, any user who wants to be informed about the status of airspace in real time, NOTAM messages relevant to airspace restrictions and / or bans in the airspace, NAUP/NUUP messages, news, regulations, announcements etc. can get all the relevant informatio on AMC Portal. Each user on the status map can see the actual situation in the airspace in real time, as well as all planned activities approved by AMC in the next 24 hours, while registered users have this information for the next 7 days.

All announcements and notifications to all airspace users are published in the news section or via a short press release directly from AMC in case of urgent notifications.

Airspace users can register on the AMC portal and thus get the status of the registered user which will give them the possibility to reserve temporary ad hoc airspace structures.

AMC portal will be operationally used after accepting the changes to the ATM functional system by the BHDCA that is in progress, and airspace users will receive timely information about that.


The presentation of the AMC portal from the webinar, you can download HERE


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