Implementation of SECSI concept in the BHACC area of responsibility above FL205

In BHANSA's premises in Sarajevo on 26 April 2017 the meeting was held between representatives of BHANSA, BHDCA, Ministry of communications and transport of BiH and EUROCONTROL, on the subject of implementation of SECSI in the Area of Responsibility of BHACC above FL205 (or 6250 meters).

The goal of the SECSI - South East Common Sky initiative is the establishment of common Free route airspace above six states of central and southeast Europe: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

Mr. Davorin Primorac, director of BHANSA, among other, has thanked to the Ministry of communications and transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina for cooperation so far and for recognizing the importance of BHANSA and its support to the work of the Agency. He emphasized that by receiving the Certificate for provision of air navigation services in Bosnia and Herzegovina issued by BHDCA on 20 April 2017 the process of Certification of BHANSA is officially over.

By completing the process of its certification, BHANSA has fulfilled all requirements of the SES (Single European Sky) regulation of the European Union as well as all other requests and conditions issued by the BHDCA.

With this very important step, as well with recent successful start of services provision from the Air Traffic Control Unit II in Banja Luka, and award that BHANSA received at World ATM congress in Madrid, which is project that was realized with partner agencies from Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro, BHANSA continues with systematic work on realisation of Phase II of BHATM Strategy and the start of provision of services in entire airspace above Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The acquiring of SES Certificate is another confirmation of successful work of the management and all employees of BHANSA and a great motivation for the future.

Mr. Ismir Jusko, Minister of communications and transport of BiH, congratulated to Mr. Primorac and emphasized that this certificate represents mutual success of all institutions of civil aviation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He stressed that his Ministry, along with this important project, is working on other significant projects in the area of Communications and Transport such as Digitalisation , introducing 4G / LTE as a fourth generation of mobile networks enabling fastest available mobile internet.

Representative of EUROCONTROL, Mr. Razvan Bucuroiu expressed his delight with cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and EUROCONTROL and pointed that the EUROCONTROL will continue to provide future support to BiH, and especially BHANSA, in the implementation of Phase II of BHATM Strategy whose main goal is taking over the responsibility for providing air navigation services in UPPER airspace of BiH from neighbouring countries’ providers. Mr. Bucuroiu stated that BHANSA has full support of EUROCONTROL in the implementation of SECSI, together with providers from all other involved states that will take part in this initiative.

Full implementation of SECSI concept is expected by the end of 2018.


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