Starting from 23 October 2019 Aeronautical Information Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina begins issuing the electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (eAIP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina in HTML format. The AIP files will be accessible as HTML files (eAIP) as well as PDF on the following web-site:

The eAIP of Bosnia and Herzegovina was created in accordance with the EUROCONTROL eAIP Specification aimed at harmonization of the European AIPs publication on the Web, in HTML and PDF formats.

Due to new AIP production tool implementation a final look of Bosnia and Herzegovinian AIP in paper version and PDF will slightly change. To ensure consistency between pages Aeronautical Information Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina is going to issue a whole new edition of our AIP with AMDT 001/2019.

Although aeronautical information in this ADMT will not change, all pages will contain new effective date and AMDT number in page header and footer. Therefore, on the 23 October 2019 users shall destroy all pages from the existing AIP, including AIP SUPs and AICs and insert the new ones.

Additionally, the paper version of AIP is still available for the subscribers, until further notice.

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