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Primorac: In late 2019. BHANSA will take full control of the sky over Bosnia and Herzegovina

MADRID, 07. 03 (FENA) – At the World ATM Congress, which is being held in the period from 06. -08. March in Madrid, Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation services Agency (BHANSA) was among the nominees for the prestigious Jane's ATC Awards, which has been awarded since 2001. for the best projects that contribute development of air traffic management in the world.

At the Congress, which is the most important annual event in the air traffic management industry, the successfuly implemented South East Common Sky Initiative Cross Border Free Route Airspace (SECSI FRA), whose active participant is BHANSA too, attracted a lot of attention. By enabling the shortest flight paths on a daily basis, the distance to 1.940 nautical miles is reduced, achieving savings estimated at 285 minutes of flight, reducing fuel consumption by 8.000 kilograms and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25.500 kilograms. SECSI FRA is expected to provide potential savings of 600.000 -700.000 nautical miles of air distance, annually.

Speaking at the Congress, in the presence of EUROCONTROL and six directors, service providers, from the region, Director of BHANSA, Davorin Primorac announced that at the end of next year, BHANSA will take full control of the sky over Bosnia and Herzegovina. He emphasized that just a few years ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina did not have almost any capacities for providing air navigation services, and now it is on the threshold of taking full control of the sky over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Primorac said: “BHANSA has developed a transitional plan for the implementation of Phase II for taking full control of the sky, it educates the necessary number of controllers and creates technical preconditions for starting the provision of services in the entire airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina“.

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