Air Traffic Safety

The main objective of the BHANSA’s aviation safety policy is to reduce, in a maximum extent, the risk of aircraft accidents and incidents in providing its services.

In its conduct BHANSA places special emphasis on the air navigation safety, in relation with commercial pressures or constraints. In the BHANSA’s Policy Statement on Air Navigation Safety it is declared that the safety is one of its core businesses. All levels of management, as well as all the employees of BHANSA are responsible for achieving the highest levels of air navigation safety.

BHANSA’s Safety Office is in charge of conducting tasks and activities related to the establishment and maintenance of Safety Management System (SMS). In order to achieve the set goals of air navigation safety BHANSA has established a Safety Management System which leads activities related to the systematic definition and implementation of measures meant for achieving an acceptable level of aviation safety.

The Air Navigation Safety Committee (Safety Committee- SC) is the highest BHANSA body in charge of ensuring the safety of air navigation, which, at the strategic level, discusses all important issues, and monitors the implementation of the measures taken to improve the air navigation safety in the Agency.

In the BHANSA organizational structure there are Safety Coordinators (SCO) and Safety Specialists (SS) who cooperate with the Safety Office regarding the issues related to implementation of Safety Management System.

BHANSA’s Safety Management System is based on the implementation of domestic laws and regulations, which are harmonized with the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), as well as the regulations of the European Union and EUROCONTROL’s safety regulatory requirements (ESARRs).

Basic reference subordinate act is the Ordinance on Establishing Common Requirements for the Provision of Air Navigation Services ("Official Gazette" No. 5/11) which takes over the EU Commission Regulation (EC No. 2096/2005 from 2005) proscribing common requirements for air navigation services provision and identification and adoption of EUROCONTROL’s regulatory mandatory provisions regarding safety requirements (ESARRs).

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